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Employee Health to be a focus at the 2023 Wyoming State SHRM Conference

    May 4, 2023

    May 4, 2023 – The Wyoming State Council is excited to announce that Dr. Alice Burron will be speaking on Encouraging Employees to Make Better Health Decisions: The Transformational Impact of Self-Awareness on Employee Health. Living a healthy life in Wyoming can be challenging due to limited healthcare resources and higher-than-average healthcare costs. The state's residents face various obstacles in maintaining and improving their health. Research shows that a person's health status affects their behavior at work, attendance, and on-the-job performance.

    To make informed health decisions, we must understand the most significant factors that influence them. In this presentation, we will explore the decision-making process and the elements involved in making sound health choices. We will focus on three main influencers of our health decisions: self-awareness, thinking skills, and culture. Human resource professionals will gain insights into five proven approaches that can help improve employee health.

    Join us as we delve into the complexities of health decision-making and discover practical strategies that can benefit you and your employees. Dr. Burron is a seasoned and respected authority in health improvement innovation, currently as a Senior Health Behavior Consultant. Alice has a wealth of experience garnered through her extensive work with various organizations, including prestigious institutions such as Rice University and the State of Wyoming, making substantial contributions to reducing millions in health care spending. Her innovative approach to health improvement has won the WELCOA Gold Well Workplace Designation for Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and, most recently the Cigna Healthy Workforce Bronze Designation for the State of Wyoming in 2022. Her credentials include a Doctorate in Healthcare Education and Leadership, a Master's in Exercise Science, and three decades of experience combined in the healthcare sector, higher education, and wellness program design, which have earned her widespread recognition as a sought-after expert in solving health concerns and promoting optimal health outcomes.  

    This year’s conference is being hosted September 21st and 22nd, 2023 in Cheyenne by the Frontier Human Resources Association (FHRA) at Laramie County Community College.  FHRA President, Angela Schulz, SHRM-SCP stated, “Education will be focusing on ways Human Resources can Lead the Way, not only in their organization, but in their community.”   

    A Tour of the State Capitol and Supreme Court is on the agenda for the conference’s Thursday night activity.  State of Wyoming Representative Landon Brown will be hosting the tour of the Capitol.  Attendees can bring a guest to the evening’s activities.  It should not only be educational, but fun to see where the action happens on a legislative level. 

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