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Keynote Speaker Announced for October State Conference

    May 1, 2014

    We are super excited to announce that Dr. Bob Nelson will be our keynote speaker for our 2014 Annual State Conference that will be held in Jackson, WY on October 8-10, 2014.  We will be priviledged to hear his words of wisdom twice during the conference as he will be our opening and closing keynote speaker.  Dr. Bob Nelson is a motivational speaker and a multi-million best-selling author (1501 Ways to Reward Employees, The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook, 1001 Ways to Energize Employees, Motivating Today's Employees, 1001 Ways to Take Initiative at Work, Ubuntu! Insuring Teamwork & Collaboration at Work, The Management Bible, 365 Ways to Manage Employees).

    Dr. Bob Nelson

    President of Nelson Motivation Inc.


    • Opening keynote:  "Five Trends Shaping the Future of HR"

      • An Overview of the Leading Labor Trends that will Affect all Organizations in the Upcoming Years.  Much has been said about the need for HR to play an integral role in the strategic leadership of their organization with the executive team.  This need is no longer an option in any organization.  The emerging Human Resources trends will now dominate the competitive success of every organization.  In this session, leading authority and international best-selling author, Dr. Bob Nelson will share his research and insights on the emerging workfoce trends as described in his recent book 1501 Ways to Reward Employees, the previous edition of which sold 1.6 million copies.
        • The Pending Shortage of Skilled Workers
        • The Rise of the Millennial Generation
        • The Expansion of Contingent Workers
        • The Evolving Role of Virtual Employees
        • The Globalization of the Labor Market
      • Dr. Nelson will present current research and data about the above trends in an entertaining format that includes numerous video clips that support his message.  He will specifically address what HR professionals need to do to help create a sense of urgency in leading their executive team to proactively address these issues before they becom problems for the organization and its ability to compete.  Attendees will leave with a broader perspective on the leading labor trends impacting human resources and practical strategies for addressing those trends in teir workplace.
    • Closing keynote:  "HR Strategies for a More Engaged Workforce"

      • Strategies for Increasing Employee Engagement in Challenging Recessionary Times.  Most employees today feel overworked and underappreciated and the Great Recession has added to this burden.  During times of change when we are asking them to do more with less (or even more with even less), they report feeling less valued and more stressed for their efforts than ever before.  Based on his award-winning book (named as the #1 Business Book of 2009): Keeping Up in a Down Economy: What the Best Companies do to Get Results in Tough Times, Bob Nelson, Ph.D., will expand your thinking of how best to leverage the potential of your staff -- even with little time, resources or budget.  This session will focus on core researched-based elements found in strong cultures of engagement that inspire employees to new levels of performance and help to create an exciting, positive work environment and competitive people advantage for the organization even in tough, challenging and recessionary times.  Based on recent engagement research, six dimensions will be presented with examples that any manager/organization can implement to create a more motivating work environment for their employees today:
        • Create a Clear and Compelling Direction
        • Direct, Open and Honest Communication
        • Involve Employees and Encourage Initiative
        • Increase Employee Autonomy, Flexibility and Support
        • Continued Focus on Career Growth and Development
        • Recognize and Reward High Performance
      • Dr. Nelson will show how these elements can be brought to bear through specific techniques and applications, drawing upon his own research and doctoral work as well as experience in working with hundreds of organizations on the topic.  He wll show how the best companies take a focused and long-term strategic view of their employee resource that systematically integrate the engagement practices into the daily work practices of its managers, identifying and acting on oppotunities in timely and specifc ways.  This session will be filled with specific real-life examples and techniques that can be immediately applied back on the job by attendees to systematically leverage, build and sustain a culture of engagement in their workplace.